Tribute by The Georgia Review

kitchen_headshotJudith Kitchen—essayist, teacher, critic, poet, and reviewer nonpareil for The Georgia Review for more than a quarter of a century—died on 6 November 2014 after a years-long up-and-down struggle with two potentially fatal illnesses. Judith’s doctors more than once gave her a length of time to live, and more than once she beat the rap with a determination born of her passion for living—and for speaking and writing her piece.

No, her pieces: numerous, various, and oh-so-smart and articulate and loving, but sometimes with an element of the just-plain-pissed-off.

Judith wrote for us some fifty substantive essay-reviews from the late 1980s forward; she finished revising her latest—and now her last—only days before her passing, and it will appear in our Winter 2014 issue, due out in mid-December. The totality of her intelligent, incisive, and humane discussions runs to some 750 of our pages—enough to fill nearly four full issues—and we are planning to bring out a generous selection of these poetry studies in book form by late 2015.

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